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Moscow The All-Stars are going back to where it all began — in the very heart of Russia. Moscow is a city with a rich history. The meeting point of different eras can be felt in the contrast between the ancient streets of Kitai-Gorod and the ultramodern designs of nearby Zaryadye Park.

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To the south of the city, the Sparrow Hills offer some of the best views of the capital: on a clear day, visitors can admire the domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St. Its buildings are a unique mix of different eras and styles which blend together seamlessly. And the city is no stranger to sporting spectacle.

The show was back in town in at the Park of Legends complex.

It goes without saying that it will be spectacular! It saw its first hockey action on Jan. The Blue-and-Whites opened their long-awaited new home with a victory in something of a housewarming party.

The football stadium and the 12,seater hockey arena are together under one roof. Цитирование с Сайта и сателлитных проектов официальных сообщений Континентальной хоккейной лиги допускается только при наличии прямой ссылки на сайт www.

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2020 FONBET KHL All-Star Game Starting lines – fans vote!

Трансферы 7 мая 7 Мая Литовченко: «Разговоры о любимчиках прекращаются, когда видят твою игру» 7 Мая Таблица переходов межсезонья 7 Мая Сборная России уступила канадцам в финале юниорского ЧМ 7 Мая Этот «Трактор» может завестись в плей-офф с пол-оборота 6 Мая Шмелев стал игроком «Салавата Юлаева». Трансферы 6 мая 6 Мая The fans had their choice, and we must respect it.

The Kharlamov Division will be happy to give Dmitry Kvartalnov Ak Bars a warm welcome back after three years of absence. I can just be glad of the invite.

In any city in the past, this event was a massive hit among the fans as they can simply go and enjoy the atmosphere. It also means many positive emotions that you feel in a short time. Working as a second coach? As a coach, I understand that this event is thought for the players, the fans, and the sponsors. My work is more related to the way my team plays during the season.

KHL and bookmaking giant FONBET agree joint enterprise

Last year, our team won, but if this year someone else wants to take the reigns, no problem, my top priority is Avangard. In Kazan, I had an incredible time, and I had a chance to meet legendary players like Alexander Maltsev and Vladislav Tretyak, other than talking with players informally. It was an incredible experience, and the players had a valuable chance to stay with their family. Все права на материалы, размещенные на сайте www.